The Children of Don Quixote and My DIY

8054407_lDon Quixote was a dreamer. He was a man who couldn’t live life stuck in the doldrums of the sorrow around him. So he invented a world that he did believe in. My children are the life of me, and they are dreamers like Don Quixote. They look at the tree in our backyard and see a fortress against the goblins. They climb the swing set and overlook a kingdom. I love their creativity and their dreams, so I do everything I can to make these children of Don Quixote a wonderland for their imaginations. It doesn’t cost me much to make their world an adventure, with a little spit, paint, a good sturdy ladder and a screw or two we make almost anything into the stuff of dreams. Join us, enjoy the story, and see if it inspires you.

The Sandbox Pirates

One of my favorite features in the backyard is our sandbox. It started out like any regular sandbox. We brought in slats of wood, nailed them together and added truckloads of sand. That was a fantastic place to begin. But trolling Pinterest one night I was inspired by a popular trend and decided it was time to upgrade our sandbox to be our very own pirate ship! This required more wood and nails, and one large piece of canvas hoisted on a pole. The ship has become the favorite nook for playing, and the corner of solace when someone needs a moment of quiet.

Our Swimming Pool Fountain

1416120_57161240Did you know all it takes to make a fountain is a pump, a little bit of water, and a pipe for the water to be pushed through? During the summer we’re all looking for a way to have fun in the heat, so water is the go to solution. Wouldn’t you know our creativity got carried away with us? We bought a pump, hooked it up to a PVC pipe and attached inflatable pools! It has been an awesome place for respites from the heat.

Garden Villages

Consider this as you plan your landscaping this next year: can you get your kids involved? While hard work is a blessing, I’m not just talking about teaching them to weed. It can be fun to use plants to create small villages. Use paving stones to make roads between the crops and build small houses with them. Your garden village can be both fruitful and fun! Plus you can use certain plants to build forts. Sunflowers make great walls, and so do bean plants.

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